More updates

There’s a bunch of more news and articles, which we’re still sorting through and organizing. Here’s some of the recent items since yesterday’s reports:

  • Columbia University’s student paper now has a video out on their strike yesterday.
  • UC Santa Barbara’s kids have worked up a list of the dozens of articles, videos and other press they’ve created and received so far. It’s up on the site here.
  • Sonoma State, SF State, Lowell, Mills, Berkeley and other West Coast schools are featured in an article in today’s SF Chronicle. For some reason, though, the full text didn’t show up in the print edition – only a picture with a caption. There’s also very little discussion of UCSB. What gives?
  • Sonoma’s 300-strong rally was featured in their local paper.
  • UC Santa Cruz’s march and rally (~300) made the local paper as well, although they appeared unable to grasp the fact that the action was multi-issued – being about workers’ wages and opposing the war. The weekly paper seems to have got it. The local Univision had a report as well. Students put up photos here.
  • Emerson College and Suffolk University held a joint action in Boston. They put up photos and more here.
  • Mills College (Oakland, CA) emailed the following update:

On Thursday Feb.15th Mills College had group of about 40-70 people (depending on the time) come out for our anti-war/pro-peace solidarity rally. There were speakers from speakers from A.N.S.W.E.R coalition, World Can’t Wait, code pink, and the freedom and justice party as well as Ehren Watada’s group. Additionally we had local artists and musicians as well as student and faculty speakers and performers who read speeches, poetry, quotes, a selection from MLK’s riverside speech and sang original songs written for the occasion. The Mills College Peace Coalition covered the campus with flyers and banners. The center piece was a five foot long scroll listing names written in arabic of Iraqi civilians killed that was suspended between two pillars in a central location. The rally was a success and is the first step in a series of actions on campus leading up to the anniversary of the start of the war in March.

The actions were also featured on Democracy Now! radio.

p.s. A student from St. Louis University emailed to let us know about their action on February 16:

We had a group of five students from St. Louis University in St. Louis, MO participate in an action in conjunction with the Occupation Project on Friday, all five of us were arrested along with two other people after sitting in Congressman Carnahan’s office and having a litany. We decided not to leave until the Congressman would give us a statement saying he will not approve more funds for the Iraq War.

Here is the St. Louis Project Website, Our acting group was the Prelude Affinity Group.


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  1. Check out this diary entry for the official statement of one of the arrested students from UCSB:

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