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What a Beautiful Day!

Updates are rolling in, folks! Post your pics, vids and stories on your local Indymedia, and send ’em our way!

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • Santa Barbara – A video, photos and more will be out tomorrow, so check back. For now, read the strikers’ statement on their website!

Here’s the cliff notes: Students have brought activism back to UCSB, organizing the largest antiwar protest since the 70’s. Over a thousand people went to the rally, marched through campus, and then held a speak-out in the middle of the 217 freeway, before delivering their demands to the Chancellor’s office. Two protesters – one student and one prof. – were arrested, but have both been released, uncharged. They’re holding “Peace Out University” in a local park all of next week. Check out their website for more information.

Press: Daily Nexus – Activists March Across Campus to Protest War || KCSB – Student Protest on UCSB Campus Shuts Down HWY 217 (audio, incl. Iraq vet) || KSBY 6 – UCSB Student Strike in Protest of Iraq War || DailyKos: UCSB Students Protesting Iraq Shut Down Highway 217! (one student’s perspective)

  • San Francisco – Lowell High School organized a massive rally in the center of campus – with over 700 students!! Following that, up to a hundred walked out and joined up with a couple dozen SF State students protesting at a local military recruitment center.SF State had earlier had a rally with about 150 people before a group of ’em marched off to to the recruitment center. [See Lowell’s statement and photos here and some videos here]

Press: KTVU 2 – Students Walking Out of Class for Antiwar Demonstration

  • Columbia University – From an email sent by a member of the Columbia Coalition Against the War: Subject: Live from Uptown NYC:
      The event was a success from even a conservative assessment. The Strike was a two part event: The Walk Out/Rally & Teach-in. The Walk out was quite substantial: about 300 students roughly took part in mid stream, growing to about 400 at its peak. The teach-in was also no small achievement: we had an eclectic panel composed of Iraqi Vets, Columbia Professors and Professional Organizers. The last speaker (Rashid Khalidi) was especially powerful in his explanation of the lawlessness of our Governments conduct now, in the past and in the foreseeable future. -CCAW

    Press: AP – Columbia University war protest evokes anti-Vietnam activism || Columbia Spectator – Strike Draws Over 300 || NY Sun – To Protest War, Columbia Students Ditch Classes || Gothamist – Columbia Students Walk Out to Protest War ||

  • Santa Cruz (CA) – Around 300 students, workers and faculty turned out for a “Money for Wages, Not for War!” rally and march to the Chancellor’s office. It combined an anti-war message with the demand that the University of California immediate release money promised to low-paid service workers. The crowd was able to hear an update from UCSB via cell-phone, as well as news of a labor action at the UC Office of the President (Oakland) where 60 people were arrested. Photos.
  • Sonoma (CA) – From an email sent by an organizer at Sonoma State University, where they have organized a week-long “Camp Peace”:

A powerful response at Sonoma State as over 300 students, faculty and community members rallied, drummed and danced in the center of campus at noon. 20 or more professors canceled their classes in support of the student strike. Lecturers spoke with proud and defiant voices as an F-15 BOMBER circled, in air, around campus TWICE. The day was highlighted by a large “dropping of the bomb” as students all mimicked dropping dead on the spot disrupting the flow of campus foot traffic.

Press: SF Chronicle – Students joining national protest against Iraq war || KESQ – Sonoma students camp in to protest war

  • UC Berkeley – An organizer emailed to say there was 200 students protesting the war and another 400-500 protesting in support of low-paid UC workers. He said the mood was “EXCELLENT.”

Press: CBS5 – College Students Across U.S. Protest Against Iraq War (news video)

  • UC Los Angeles – Over a dozen students staged a die-in on the main-walkway of campus. They say they’re gonna do it every week ’til the war ends. Photos on LA Indymedia || DailyBruin article.
  • Cal State Fresno – Women in Black held a silent vigil in the Free Speech area for an hour in solidarity with protests nationwide. [Photos]


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