Sonoma State U. Statement

A student-led organization at Sonoma State University calling itself “Camp Peace” is calling for a camp-in the week of February 12th to protest the Iraq war and to call for the immediate removal of all troops. The camp-in will take place on SSU’s campus Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, offering faculty-led teach-ins and presentations throughout the day. Students are working together to raise awareness about the cost of war and how others can get involved to create positive, social change. The protest will culminate with rallies at 12 and 5pm Thursday 15th which marks the 4th anniversary of when millions around the world protested Bush’s planned war on Iraq. Students will be boycotting classes and not attending University events on Thursday as well.

For more information, contact:

Camilia Gannon at gannonpa[at] or 707-824-1582
Jeff Huling at huling[at] or 707-322-9224
Adam Williams at williada[at] or 207-522-2575


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