Lowell High School Joins the Fray

Lowell High School in San Francisco has joined with the 14 other schools planning actions on February 15th! Up to now, students there having been working on a petition campaign with 57 California schools urging congressional representatives to cut the funding for the war. Lowell becomes the 15th school for the 15th of February, and our first high school! They’ll be meeting Monday to formalize a plan.



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Actions Planned at 14 Universities!

Following UC Santa Barbara’s call for a student strike against the war on February 15, thirteen other schools have joined in the fun!

Columbia College (IL) – Strike!
Columbia University – Strike!
Fordham University (NYC)
Georgia State
Mills College (CA) – solidarity rally
Occidental College (L.A.)
Rutgers (NJ) – solidarity rally
San Francisco State
Sarah Lawrence College (NY)
Sonoma State (CA)
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
UC Berkeley – solidarity rally linking antiwar/labor movements
UC Santa Barbara – Strike!
UC Santa Cruz – solidarity rally/walkout linking antiwar/labor movements

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