See the main page for press coverage of the actual protests. Here’s a list of media coverage the actions received prior to them happening:

feb 15Columbia SpectatorWhy You Should Strike
feb 15Columbia SpectatorWalkout Set for Today
feb 15Columbia SpectatorStaff Editorial: Uncertain Times
feb 15Columbia SpectatorLetter to the Editor a Sociological Imperative
feb 15Daily Nexus (UCSB) – War Protests Demonstrate Unity and Concern for Iraq
feb 14Indymedia.US, SF Bay Area IndymediaStudents to Strike Against War on Feb15
feb 14SF ChronicleStudents joining national protest against Iraq war
feb 14The Channels (S.B. City College)Students Stand for Peace
feb 14 – Daily Nexus (UCSB) – Groups Organize Protest of Work, Class Thursday
feb. 14Daily Nexus (UCSB) – Massive Local Strike Gives People Power
feb. 14Daily Nexus (UCSB) – UCSB Strike on War Appears Disorganized
– feb 13Santa Barbara IndependentUCSB Students to Strike from School
– feb. 13 Daily Nexus (UCSB) – How do you feel about this coming Thursday’s strike against the war?
feb. 13Santa Barbara IndependentBoycott Not the Answer
feb. 12 Daily Nexus (UCSB) – Column, Letter Both Fail to Explain Reasoning of Strike
feb. 9Columbia SpectatorSupport the Anti-war Strike
– feb. 9Daily Nexus (UCSB) – Strike Excercises Obese Amendment – Walkout Can Influence Our Politicians
– feb. 9Daily Nexus (UCSB) – Student Strike Against War Calls for Change of Policy
– feb. 8Daily Nexus (UCSB) – Leg Council Votes to Support Anti-War Strike
– feb. 7Columbia SpectatorStrikers Demand Divestment
feb. 7NYC IndymediaAnti-War Student Strike at Columbia on Feb. 15
– feb. 6BWOG (Columbia) – Anti-War groups fight over how anti-war to be
– feb. 6Columbia SpectatorNoam Chomsky Endorses Anti-War Coalition
– feb. 3SF Bay Area IndymediaUC Santa Barbara Students Preparing to Strike Against War (also on L.A. Indymedia)


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  1. Campuses Countrywide Protest Iraq War

    A WCW-skewed article on the feb15 protests.

  2. wTrziT eeeerrrffddgggggggccccc

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